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Verint Systems is the security firm that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras, in the London Underground rail network, and it is an Israeli company, with approximately 1000 employees.

No CCTV footage of the four Muslims boarding the tube-trains has been released by Verint who claim that their cameras were not working.


Because the four Muslims were not on the tube-trains that blew up.
We were also told that the training exercise involved 1000 people, and, of course, amongst those 1000 people, would have to be the four people, who were recruited to play the parts of the mock terrorists.
Therefore, as part of the exercise, they would have recruited four young Muslim men to carry four backpacks, that were to contain mock explosive devices.

Who were their Muslim recruits?

These Muslim men would naturally buy return train tickets, and not one-way tickets, because they would be going home after playing their parts in the training exercise.




One of them, the oldest; who would be considered the ring-leader of the group, because of his age; would have been asked to make a “suicide video” prior to 7/7/2005, being told it would form part of the training mock-terrorist exercise; in order to make the exercise, and possibly a film to be made of it, look as realistic as possible.

He would obviously not have been told the details of the whole plan, until later, probably when he and the others arrived in Luton on the 7th of July 2005, to make absolutely certain that the scenario of the drill which would take place that day, could not be talked about by, or to, anyone.
The second oldest would also be asked to make a similar video, as a back-up, for just in case anything went wrong, and/or the oldest pulled out of the drill before the 7th of July 2005.
It should be noted that neither Mohammed Sidique Khan, nor Shehzad Tanweer, specify what their targets were, in their videos.

It is also interesting to note that no-one has ever claimed responsibility for the 7/7/2005 bombings, except for a message on a fake Al Quaeda website on the same day, that was traced to Texas in the USA.
Two years afterwards; because more and more people doubt the official story and are proving it to be lies and deception, and are rightfully demanding an independent investigation; the police have arrested, frightened, intimidated and harassed Mohammed Sidique Khan’s widow into publicly condemning her husband.
She has a young daughter to protect, and has stated that she is now afraid of the police.
They kept her in custody for 6 days, to intimidate her and then showed her what they claim is her husband’s Will and “suicide-note.”
Obviously this was done to get her to condemn her husband publicly, in exchange for the authorities’ implied agreement to leave her alone, to which she will have agreed, in order to protect herself and her young daughter from further harassment.
Where were these documents found, and why did it take two years for them to be shown to her?
They are, after-all, her rightful property, if genuine.
Two years is ample time to forge a short handwritten note, and signature on a Will.
In view of the amount of time this “suicide-note” has taken to be mentioned, the timing of it, and all the lies and evidence the authorities have told, fabricated and planted, it cannot be trusted and must be considered another forgery, along with any other new so-called evidence that they might come up with.
So, the scene is set for the training exercise to go ahead.
The fake terrorists have been recruited, the suicide videos have been made, and everyone has been given basic instructions, for the day that the exercise is to be put into operation – 7/7/2005.
The four mock-terrorist actors were to meet at Luton Train Station at 07:20 AM on the 7th of July 2005 and catch the 07:40 AM train from Luton to Kings’ Cross Thameslink Station, with their pretend-bomb backpacks, and then split up and catch three tube-trains and one bus, to pre-arranged destinations, where the fake explosions were to take place, as part of the training exercise.
Finally the big day arrived.
Everyone was ready.
Everyone was either already where he was meant to be, or was heading there.
But first let us take a step backwards for a moment, to look at the bigger picture, and put this mock-terror exercise into context with what was happening in Britain at that time.
Tony Blair was in big trouble, because he had just been sent a very clear message from the British nation; via the May 2005 General Election, in which he was almost voted out of power; that the British people did not want British troops fighting in George Bush’s War of Terror in the Middle-East.
So, to be able to keep the British troops fighting in the Middle-East, Tony Blair desperately needed something to happen, to change the nation’s mind.
Gleneagles = Tony Blair; George Bush; G8 Meeting; Agenda of addressing World Poverty forced on them by Live Eight concerts around the world, but not for long.
Their lucrative, evil, phoney and very unpopular War on Terror (which is really a War OF Terror) will promptly return to the top of the agenda, with four big bangs.
No time for the poor, the rich have lots more money to make, and people to murder.
Leeds = Where 3 of the Muslim actors lived and were recruited, and where the oldest, Mohammed Sidique Khan, was befriended by the local police, and was regularly called upon by them, to help them to sort out gang-rivalry problems.
Mohammed was also taken on a tour of the House of Commons by a Leeds MP, who befriended him.
The perfect patsy?
Someone who was made to believe he could trust the authorities, and that they would therefore not deceive, or harm him?
Someone who could, in turn, recruit 2 other Muslims for the drill, so they could all become famous and make a nice bit of clean and easy extra money, and show their patriotism by helping the authorities to protect Britain from terrorism?
Aylesbury = A fourth Muslim actor who has been recruited, Germaine Lindsey from Aylesbury, will also meet them in Luton.
Luton = Transport security firm ICTS, another Israeli company, has an office just a mile away from the Luton train station, which is suspected to be where the Muslim actors received their final instructions, before setting off for the train station - the details of which trains to board, which carriages to get into, where to sit, and which bus to catch, where to sit on it, and at what time.


London = Commissioner of Police Ian Blair; Rudy Giuliani (Mayor of New York on 9/11)
Benjamin Netanyahu (who said 9-11 was good for Israel); Peter Power; and all those taking part in the mock-terrorism drill, are present in Central London, in or around London Underground locations where the explosions take place, and also Tavistock Square.
The four men were supposed to arrive together, on time, at Luton Station, and be caught on CCTV, at 07:21:54 AM, entering the station, but three of them are not on the same video frames as Hasib Hussain, so have to be inserted later, using computer software.
Hence the obviously, and very badly, doctored official single frame, time-stamped photo that we have been shown, from the CCTV outside Luton Station.
They can’t show them moving, because it has been faked, that’s why they show only one single frame still photo.
Why did the authorities have to fake this photo?
Fake CCTV image




They would have had to fake it, because three of the actors missed the tube-trains that they were supposed to catch, and which blew up without them being onboard, and so there was no video footage from Verint Systems of them boarding the three tube-trains, for the authorities to be able to use, as false evidence, to try to prove to the public that the Muslims were guilty.
So they had to doctor and show us the fake photo instead.
Remember what Michael Portillo said on the May 2004 BBC Panorama programme: “the coverage is going to be ORGANISED.”
So far, they are apparently running according to the training exercise plan, and on schedule.


The TRUTH About The London BOMBINGS

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