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The fourth Muslim
backpacker, Hasib Hussain, who has been blamed for the number 30 bus-bombing, is reported to have been seen wandering around London, going into McDonalds, and eating a beef-burger.
He is reported to have tried unsuccessfully to contact the other three by phone, on Euston Road outside King’s Cross at 08.55 AM, but the phones were not working, because they were first of all jammed, and then shut down by the authorities.
What happened to him?
He was the youngest of the four, only eighteen years old, and described, by those who knew him, as a gentle giant.

Therefore he was possibly the least worldly-wise, and he was also on his own, in a strange city, and a long way from home.
He might not have realized he was in danger of being framed as a patsy, believed all the chaos around that part of London was just part of the mock-terrorism exercise that he was part of, and so just continued with his assigned role, which was to board a certain double-decker bus, at an appointed time, and sit at the back of the top deck.
A double-decker, upon which a large advertisement for a play had been placed on one side, reading: “Outright Terror, Bold And Brilliant.”

Please think about that sign on the side of the bus, and the sick minds of the people who planned the attacks.
Now this is where it gets weird, because we are told that Hasib Hussain started from King’s Cross Thameslink station, and was seen on a number 91 bus travelling West along Euston Road to Euston Station, where he caught the number 30 bus, that would have then travelled East, back along Euston Road retracing his steps, back to where he started from at King’s Cross, if it had not been diverted into Tavistock Square.

Why would someone carrying a large, heavy backpack do that, unless he was following a script, written by someone who knew, in advance, that that particular number 30 bus, registration LX03BUF, would be diverted into Tavistock Square, and that Hasib Hussain would therefore not be able to get on it at King’s Cross Thameslink, which is where he had arrived at, on the train from Luton?

Only someone who is a stranger to London would do that without asking why, because it is a totally illogical thing to do, for someone who knows London, and knows that the number 30 bus goes past King’s Cross Thameslink station, so that they could have caught it there, instead.
It would be a complete waste, of time, energy, money, and an unnecessary risk to take, and thus a totally illogical thing for a real terrorist to do.
It now gets unbelievably weird, because the number 91 bus, that Hasib Hussain is reported to have taken from King’s Cross, along Euston Road to Euston Station; to board the number 30 bus, registration LX03BUF, that got diverted into Tavistock Square; actually goes to Tavistock Square.
So, if he wanted to get to Tavistock Square, he could just have stayed on the number 91 bus, and been sure of getting directly to Tavistock Square.
The number 91 bus route goes from King’s Cross to Tavistock Square.
That is conclusive proof that that particular number 30 bus, registration LX03BUF, was part of Peter Power and his customer’s mock-terrorist drill, pre-rigged with explosives, like the three tube-trains, and was pre-planned to be diverted into, and blown up in, Tavistock Square, rather than blown up by a backpack bomb.
Whoever planned this, obviously planned to kill Hasib Hussain with that bus explosion, so he could not tell anyone what had happened, just as they had planned to kill the other three Muslim actors with the explosions on the three tube-trains.
At 09.00 AM a number 30 bus, registration LX03BUF, left Marble Arch on its return journey to Hackney Wick.
It arrived at Euston Bus Station at 09.35 AM, but was then diverted from its normal route, into Tavistock Square, and stopped outside the medical offices of the BMA, where it was blown up, at 09.47 AM, as part of the terrorist exercise gone live.
This also fits with the BBC Panorama mock-terrorist programme of May 2004, where the explosion of a road vehicle was scheduled to take place AFTER the three tube-train explosions.
A white van from a demolition company called Kingstar is seen and photographed parked at the side of the bus, immediately after the explosion, and a mysterious “witness”, Richard Jones, gives an account of what he says happened to the bus, on camera; which is something that normally would not be allowed by the police, unless it was part of a filmed training-exercise.
Then, after a spate of very contradictory TV and newspaper interviews, within a very short space of time; that make sure everyone now believes the explosion was caused by a suicide-bomber on the bus; Richard Jones disappears from view.




However, and of particular interest, some newspapers, including the U.K.’s Sunday Mail on the 10th July 2005, reported that Richard Jones served an apprenticeship at an explosives factory, in Ayrshire.
Richard Jones’ statements, about the suicide-bomber, are very suspicious, for two reasons: first, because they are so inconsistent and contradictory that they are not believable; and second, because criminals usually accuse someone else, to divert attention away from themselves.
Is that what Richard Jones did?
He says that he and eleven other people got off the bus, just before it exploded.
Were the twelve of them a team, with the other eleven there to cover up what Richard Jones was doing, as he planted a bomb?
Another strange statement he made, to The Sun Newspaper, reported in the 8th July 2005 edition, is that he got off the bus, because he had reached his destination.
How could he possibly have reached his destination, on a bus that had been diverted from its normal route, unless he was part of the mock-terrorism exercise team, and got off the bus, as planned, in Tavistock Square, after planting a bomb, just before it was detonated?
Does he work for Kingstar?
Kingstar, whose white van was parked next to the bus, is a company that specializes in controlled demolitions, and Richard Jones said he served an apprenticeship at an explosives factory in Ayrshire.
Was the Kingstar van there as part of Peter Power and his customer’s training mock-terrorism drill, to supervise the mock-explosion that became real?
So, if Hasib Hussain was supposed to have been on that number 30 bus, registration LX03BUF, how would it be possible for him to get the exact bus, that would get him to one of the four locations where the mock-terrorist exercise would be taking place, when that bus was diverted from its normal route, to Tavistock Square, unless he had been recruited to play the part of a mock-terrorist and told exactly which bus to get, where and at what time, by the people who organised the mock-terrorism exercise, and who knew the bus would be diverted to Tavistock Square?
The odds against that happening by coincidence are unbelievable, and thus it is not possible that it was a coincidence.
Another unbelievable coincidence is that all of the CCTV cameras, at all four of the blast sites, were not working, The four CCTV cameras on the number 30 bus were; just like the Israeli Verint Systems’ ones on the underground; not working, and there are no reliable witnesses who can place Hasib Hussain on the number 30 bus.
Richard Jones is an unreliable witness, whose physical description, of the man he says was the suicide-bomber, does not fit with Hasib Hussain’s appearance, or what he was wearing that day.
So there is no proof that Hasib Hussain was either on that bus, or blew it up.
Even so, he has been tried and wrongfully found guilty of blowing up the number 30 bus, by the government organized and controlled media machine, without a shred of real evidence.
They claim to have found Hasib Hussain’s ID in Tavistock Square.
However, they also claim that ID from another of the four, Mohammed Sidique Khan, was found in at least two, some reports say three, separate blast locations.
He cannot possibly have been in two or all three locations at the same time, proving that these items were planted after the blasts.
How could their IDs have survived suicide bomb-blasts?
Millions of people are aware of the magic fireproof Mohammed Atta passport, that was planted at the WTC on 9-11.
In light of these incidents, if ID from Hasib Hussain was found at Tavistock Square, it does not necessarily mean that he was on the bus, and not somewhere else, or, if he was on the bus, that he blew the bus up.
What has happened to the presumption of innocence; and being considered innocent until proven guilty and convicted by a jury of your peers, in court; that has always been the mainstay of British justice?
The most likely case is that the number 30 bus had been pre-rigged with explosives during its previous service, when the CCTV cameras were disabled.
The CCTV systems on Stagecoach buses are normally either the Israeli company Verint Systems RP12001, or Timespace X.200.
A witness, Richmal Marie Oates-Whitehead, aged 35, who worked at the BMA in Tavistock Square, and was hailed as a heroine for her actions during the London bombings, said she heard two explosions on the bus.
The controlled media immediately went on the offensive, and did a character assassination of the heroine, because her testimony did not fit with the official story, and she died unexpectedly, shortly afterwards.
However, other witnesses also reported a second explosion on the bus.
Richmal’s and other witness’ testimonies would account for pre-planted explosives, and a bomb being planted later, on 7/7/2005.
What we can be certain about though, is that, either on the bus, or elsewhere, Hasib Hussain; like the other three Muslim patsies; was murdered.

The TRUTH About The London BOMBINGS

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